Welcome and thank you for visiting Cast your burden upon Jesus [The Power House] Prayer Ministry.


The Mission of God in this ministry for humanity is deliverance and freedom in all areas and aspects of live. It is well with you and forever it shall be well with you.


The mission of this ministry is best laid out in the book of Isaiah chapter 61, you can have a read through.


We aim to teach people of God the word of God that will finally make you to know your right before God Almighty; even here on earth.


The Lord God Almighty is ready in his holiness 


  • To visit mankind once again 

  • To heal 

  • To deliver

  • To recover 

  • To make the blind to see

  • To open

  • To shut 

  • To plant

  • To uproot

  • To turn all situations round


This is a Ministry for all Human soul: Our business is prayer.

We are for all and all for the Most High God Almighty. The word, Prayer and suplications over your concerns, your circumstances, are you; seeking for job; fruit of the womb or the covernant of The Most High God is our priority. God has promised, He has utter the word to action and only our physical effort is required and neccessary.


We teach people to use the word of God in order to have a better relationship with God and the knowledge of Him.  Thereby getting you set free from all afflictions what so ever their name is.  To allow you to focus on the heavenly Kingdom.


The Word of God counters the situation of man.


  • Job or Barreness; 1Samuel 1

  • Marital situations; Genesis 2.

  • For your Peace of mind in the Country that you are: Psalm 24.

  • For help and favour: Genesis 3; Psalm 121.


The purpose of God Mankind is feature in our book

The God's Man Wagon. Click on the picture to purchase.










We study the word of God to use in all areas, for all-purpose and we teach the word of God, to get you more acquainted to God.

Fear God and do not be afraid of God  Almighty is our dear father. Psalm 136 and Psalm 100.


We give glory to the Most High God Almighty for lots of testimonies and life that God has touched and safe and redeemed all over the world.


This is the direction given to us by God Almighty Himself when God formed the prayer ministry.

Jesus loves you

We know that the door to salvation is always open and the Doors to our Prayer Ministry is always open; According to the Book of Isaiah chapter 61, is the Mission of our prayer ministry.


We are fully devoted to Jesus. Our prayer lines are open 24/7 to give a supporting hand in prayer and other areas of advice on relationships in all areas both spiritual, physical issues of life as environment  circumstances dictate at any time.


By opening our arms to those in search of the truth in the Lord God Almighty. We show God’s love and concern for our fellow man at every opportunity. Through works of charity and opening our doors to listen, love we need to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.


Check the book of Isaiah chapter 61.

More of God aims and objectives:


  • To make the Lame to walk.

  • To heal and make the blind to see.

  • To set free and to set loose and set free those that are bound with chains.

  • To bring back all your captivity (Psalm 126).

  • To make alive and to make the impossible to man possible.








We support


  • The youth

  • The orphans 

  • The vulnerable

  • The homeless 

  • The vulnerable

  • Ex-offenders

  • The unemployed

  • The elderly


We get people set free with prayer from all manners of spiritual bondage Psalm: 124, and help their faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ to grow and be strong.

Our prayer and counselling

services are held every Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week. 12pm to 3pm.  


Sunday Morning services at 11:00 AM.  Please call to ask for further information.  Any additional services will be announced on our notice board and on our website.


Practical Support

We provide the following support

  • Referral to ex-offender service

  • Escort or send homeless people to homeless unit

  • Support with Welfare Benefit application or enquiry

  • Support with filling out form

  • Support with Job application and referral to Jobcentre

  • Referral to youth services

  • Referral to daycentre and night shelter

  • Referral to Age Concern

Our Mission
Word of God

The purpose of God and the way of God is feature in our book The Two Reason. Click on picture to purchase.

Latest News

We aim to build a bigger house for God.


We want to help the poor, the needy, the vulnerable in the society and the old at all times.

View our event calendar and get the latest event hapening near you and in our church.

Relief Fund

Please show your support and love donate, to donate to the ministry to further help our Television programs and to be able to meet our financial commitment to those in desperate need.

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This Week's Sermon

Our Sermons are based on God's giving instructions and on any word we receive from God for every occasion of our Bible study or our preaching.

God Almighty has always been our director of words.

God has always given us prayer point at any time to suit either private individual needs; group needs; public or social or government need.

This is one of the things I enjoy most because God gives us instructions both in words and in prayer.

If you follow God given directions; you are bound to succeed in all your dealings with the highest God.

In God, people are able to exercise their faith and be filled with the Holy Spirit. 

We take bold steps and focus on the principles of our faith?


While exploring the question of “What would Jesus do?” in today’s media crazed world, the minister also reflects on the changing state of family and community over the past few decades.


We encourage you to make our counseling this week. Wednesday and Thursday 12noon to 3 pm prompt prayer and counseling; God are there always to meet with you and your total need, there is nothing too sandal or too big for Him; God is more than Big enough.

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God bless you All. This token is to SHOW APPRECIATION TO YOU ALL & TO OUR SHEPPARD.
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